Model No.︰GMU-HB


Country of Origin︰India

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Product Description

100% natural hair coloring / body art tattoo, made up of plants only; no chemicals or additives of any kind
Guaranteed to color grey hair in one easy application
Semi-permanent hair color - washes out of the hair after about 20 - 30 shampoos
Our henna can be used on badly damaged hair (even from over-coloring with chemicals) but a shorter amount of time is recommended due to how easily the colour adheres.
Can be applied immediately after chemical processes without waiting. Whereas most henna brands have contraindications for chemically processed hair or suggested time intervals, we actually recommend our henna for these situations with no time intervals required. Body art tattoo safe.
Gajraj Mehandi Udyog; uses advanced world wide technology in the manufacturing of these products. Dermatological tested
Henna is a traditional plant that has been used for thousands of years both as a dye and a conditioner giving the hair a smooth, healthy texture
Plant ingredients are from sources from our own henna cultivated farm house.




Specifications︰ Result of Test/Analysis.: as par Specification IS 11142:1984
S.No. Test Parameter Specification Test Method / Procedure Results
1. Moisture & Volatile Matter Max.10%w/w IS:7159-1984 7.54%w/w
2. Cold Water Extract 25-32%w/w IS:7159-1984 29.24%w/w
3. Crude Fiber 10-15%w/w IS:7159-1984 10.46%w/w
4. Mineral matter 8-12%w/w IS:7159-1984 8.69%w/w
5. Add Insoluble Ash 3-6%w/w IS:7159-1984 5.27%w/w
6. Extraneous sand Max5%w/w IS:7159-1984 3.51%w/w
7. Presence of extraneous dyes To pass the Teat IS:7159-1984 Complies
8. Lawsone Pigment %w/w IS:7159-1984 1.53w%w

Advantages︰ Henna beauty:The natural constituents of Lawsonia inermis are essential oils, 1,4-naphthoquinone, tannins,
gallic acid, flavonoids, lipids, sugars, triacontyl tridecanoate, mannitol, xanthones, coumarins (5-
alkyloxy 7-hydroxycoumarin), 2-3% resins, 5-10% tannic ingredients and up to 2% Lawsone (2-
hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone). A major portion of Lawsone is glycosidic bound, and that is
cleaved by enzymatic hydrolysis of the glycosidic hennosids and autooxidation of a glucose

Export Markets︰ WORLD WIDE

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Min Order︰ 100

Ship Date︰ 30 DAYS

Standard Met︰ ISI / SGS